My name is George Hall and I hail from the Heavy Woolen District of West Yorkshire in the UK. This Heavy Woolen District encompasses the area where the vast majority of my ancestors were born, lived, and died over the centuries.

I am a younger genealogist with ambitions to pursue the field professionally. My experience is mainly with genealogy research in the Northern English counties of Durham, Yorkshire, and Lancashire, although it is not limited to just these places.

I have a passion for storytelling, with one of the end goals of my research being able to tell my ancestors’ stories.

Liversedge Cemetery which is where my One Place Study takes place.
Standing outside St Michael le Belfrey in York.

I aim to share the stories of the overlooked, with a special focus on those that have connections with my local area. This will be accomplished by detailing the lives of my ancestors, my one-place study of Liversedge Cemetery, and a general interest in my areas local history.

I am a member of the Hidden Branch, Huddersfield and District Family History Society, Friends of Liversedge Cemetery (Clough Lane) and founder of Friends of Morley Cemetery (Bruntcliffe Lane) .

Richard Totton, my Great Great Grandfather
My Great Great Great Grandparents Alfred and Mary Jane Dale
My Great Grandmother Doris Totton (left) preforming in a play in the mid 1910s.

Liversedge Cemetery

Find below my latest blog post regarding my one place study of the Cemetery and some information regarding the Friends of Liversedge Cemetery.

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Find out my first tale of Liversedge Cemetery soon!

Richard Totton: A True Yorkshireman

Coming soon!

This blog post accounts the life of my Great Great Grandfather. His life began in the middle of the Victorian era and ended shortly before the end of the Second World War spanning over key events in British History. Glimpses of his hobbies, recipes and personality help to show that his “ordinary” life was anything but that.